2020-2021 Registration - Team Assessment Videos


Team Assessment Video Samples

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are ZOOMING into Season 14! We are now accepting assessment videos from athletes joining our 2020-2021 Novice, Prep and Elite teams. Below we have sample assessment videos for Novice thru Elite level 4 athletes.

How to Submit Your Assessment Video?

Based on your athlete's interest or skillset, please submit the assessment video with the skills represented in the sample assessment video.  You can submit your videos now through the month of April.  Please send your assessment video to info@hottopicallstars.com. We also look forward to hosting an in-house assessment in June. 

2020-2021 Registration Submission

To complete your registration, please make sure to submit your registration form, assessment video and payment. Registration forms can be downloaded under the forms tab. Payments can be made online or via PayPal at baholloway2013@gmail.com. If you have any questions, please send an email to info@hottopicallstars.com.

Do You Need Experience?

No experience is needed. All are welcome to join our program. Our great coaching staff will teach everything our athletes need to know to be successful and competitive in the sport of cheer and dance. 

What to Bring:

Athletes are required to have a completed and signed registration form with a copy of the athlete's birth certificate for our records. 

What to Wear in the video:

All athletes and dancers must wear a black top (t-shirt, tank top or sports bra) with black bottoms (leggings or shorts). Soft sole sneakers are required for the cheer assessment.

Tiny Novice Motions for Assessment

Novice Team Assessment Video (Ages 3-5)

Tiny Novice Assessment Routine

Novice Team Assessment Video (Ages 3-5)

Prep and Elite (Level 1-3) Motions for Assessment

Prep and Elite Motions (Ages 5 and up)

Prep Level 1 Assessment Routine

Prep Level (Ages 5 and up)

Elite Level 1 Assessment Routine

Elite Level (Ages 5 and up)

Elite Level 2 Assessment Routine

Elite Level (Ages 6 and up)

Elite Level 3 Assessment Routine

Elite Level (Ages 7 and up)

Elite Level 4 Motions for Assessment

Elite Level (Ages 8 and up)

Elite Level 4 Assessment Routine

Elite Level (Ages 8 and up)

Assessment Tumbling Skills - Levels 1 - 4

Basic tumbling skills from Level 1 to Level 4.

Hip Hop Dance Motions for assessment

Hip Hop Dance (Ages 5 - 17)

Hip Hop Dance Assessment Routine

Hip Hop Dance (Ages 5 - 17)