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At Hot Topic we seek to foster great things both on and off the mat and we love recognizing our athlete's accomplishments. 

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Makenzie Pringle (T1) 1Q and 2Q Honors

Sequoia Fitzgerald (T1) Honor Roll 1Q and 2Q

Jaylah Bryant (T1) Outstanding Citizen Award

Aliya Adams (M1) Honor Roll

Antoinette Grier (M1) Honor Roll 1Q, Advance Academics

Kelsey Mickey (M1) Honor Roll, Reading Award

Tayler McCoy (M1) Summa Cum Laude 1Q, Magna Cum Cum Laude 2Q, President's Award

Samiyah Owens (M1) Honor Roll

Sydnee Geary (M1) all As and Bs, tested in to Advance Math, she attends St Timothy Catholic School, Va.

Savannah Wright (M1) Honor Roll

Saniyah Thompson (M1) Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q, good character awards October and January.

Ceraeya Guyton (J1) All 4s and 3s 1Q, Class President, Lion of the week December.

Amariah Watson (Y2, M1) All 4s one 3

Chierra Guyton (Y2, J3, S4) All 4s and 3s 1Q & 2Q, Lion of the week November

Jazmyn Bryant (Y2) Honor Roll 1Q and 2Q

Shawnelle Hamilton (Y2) Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q

Bryanna Champion (Y2) all As and 2 Bs, she attends the French Immersion School, D.C.

Jersey Sky Morehead (Y2, J1) 1st Grade Academic Achievement 2Q, 4s in core subjects, F&P reading level 3rd grade

Kyanna Quiroz-McClain (Y2) All 4s and 3s, above reading grade level 2Q

McKenzie Carroll (Y2) Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q, she attends KIPP DC Spring Academy.

Yahney Sangare  (Y2, J1) 4.0 in TAG and Honors Classes 2Q, reading at the college level. Prexie Press Yahney

Megan Terry (J1) Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q.  Prexie Press Megan

Bri Vergnetti (J3, S2, S4) Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q, she attends Robinson Secondary School, Va.

Saryah Hamilton (S2) 7th Grade President, SGA Participation 4th year.

Makenzie Anderson (J3) Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q

Skylar Robertson (J3) 4.0 Honor Roll 1Q & 2Q, scored 851 out of 900 on the Middle School Math Assessment.

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