Fees and Tuition

If competitive cheerleading is something your child enjoys and excels in, it would be to your advantage to register your child in this positive program and expose them to another level of cheerleading and teamwork. Hot Topic All Stars is a winning program and by far one of the most affordable All Star programs in the DMV area. The coaching staff, both well-known and respected throughout the community welcomes you to investigate the possibility of participating on one of our competitive cheerleading teams this season.

The fees associated with Hot Topic All Stars covers the uniforms, competitions, instructional fees and gym expenses for the entire season. Fees can range from $1,500 to $3,500 for the season, depending on the team (non-travel or travel), and do not include hotel and travel accommodations. We will offer fundraising options throughout the season to help parents offset the cost of the program. Through fundraising efforts, a parent is able to cut the cost of out of pocket expenses up to 100%. More information will be given out about the fundraising opportunities at the Parent Orientation.